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Crown Thinning: To make or become less crowded or dense.

Crown thinning a term used by Bromley arborists to define the removal of a portion of smaller/tertiary tree branches. These are usually located at the outer crown.

Professional Crown Thinning Bromley

Crown thinning is also useful to keep Bromley trees on/or within a certain growth direction. This will prevent the tree from becoming too tall or by keeping the limbs from becoming invasive.

Done correctly, crown thinning on trees in Bromley will produce a uniform density of foliage around an evenly spaced branch formation.

Crown thinning will not alter the size or shape of your tree and the material removed should not exceed more than 30%, ideally 15-25%. 

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Crown Thinning Techniques for your Tree in Bromley

We will typically suggest crown thinning in Bromley where its necessary to reduce wind resistance, the overall tree's weight or we feel more light should/could pass through the tree. If so this is mainly done on the outside of the tree. Due to the tree growing heavily, limbs have branched out and so shade lower plants.

Typically, canopy thinning is best done when the plant is dormant. We want to reduce the number and thickness of the tree branches in the crown, aka crown thinning; the only interior material we remove are stems, water sprouts and dead or broken limbs. 

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Crown Thinning in Bromley: Best Practices

Remove all branches that are 2" in thickness. Only remove branches that are any thicker than this if they are diseased or dead. These thicker branches form the scaffolding of the tree and allow it to gain its strength. 

When you cut a tree's branch, your cut needs to be at a slight angle, this deflects mositure away from where you have cut a new surface.

You should always be careful to make sure not to cut into a main leader branch or the trunk itself - this is envitably lead to the tree becoming diseased or rotten. We already mentioned the best time to thin your tree in Bromley is whilst the tree is dormant.

You should remove all growth around the edges of your tree's canopy. This is give a tighter more compact shape. When removing stems from the internal part of the tree, be sure not to remove too much material and you will end up with what Bromley arborists call 'lion's tail' - basically weakening the tree.

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