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If you find yourself in need of professional tree pruning services in Surrey, or Kent choose Tree Thyme. We offer a wide range of different tree pruning services that will help to keep your garden trees neat and tidy and, in tip top condition all through the year.

Pruning is a general term that used to describe different aspects of a tree surgeons duty when cutting and shaping trees. Tree pruning is necessary maintenance to help keep an individual tree in a safe and healthy condition. We achieve healthly conditions through the removal of dead branches, encourage growth, regulate size, maintaining shape and improving the overall quality of timber, flowers and fruit, if applicable.

If a tree is incorrectly pruned, it could become diseased, unsightly and dangerous. We like all our customers to have a basic understanding of the pruning services that we provide. This will allow you to become knowledgable to specifically request what type of arboriculture care you require. This will then allow you to understand the recommendations we will make as your tree surgeons.

To start the ball rolling, call our friendly team; they will happily answer any questions you may have without any obligation to proceed further on 0208 089 4080 - we are not pushy tree surgeons!

Crown Thinning Services by Highly Experienced Tree Surgeons

Ideally the skill of crown thinning is to see the smaller tertiary branches removed in portions. We will usually address the point of the outer crown. By focusing on this area we will create a more uniform foliage density that is far more consistent and will have an even branch structure. We usually use this skill on tree species with broader leaves. Please note that crown thinning will not change the overall tree size or shape. 

We remove material systematically from the tree, without exceeding the overall level of 30%.

Should you need to promote light flow through foliage, crown thinning is more than likely the answer. The same applies if you are looking to reduce tree weight or wind resistance. Typically we will need to revisited as crown thinning is usually a remedy for species with large epicormic growth levels.

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Crown Lifting Tree Surgery Services

At Tree Thyme, we offer a crown lifting service across Kent & Surrey postcodes We 'crown lift' by removing the lower branches or preparing tree limbs in readiness for future removal. Our tree surgeons will rarely remove larger branches on the trunk as this typically results in tree wounds that will enventually lead to the tree decaying, short-term biomechanical instability and a very poor health tree.

In older trees we will investigate the possibility of crown lifting last, we ideally avoid the use of crown lifting on any aged trees. We do consider a limited process whereby only the primary branches are shortened and secondary limbs removed.

By instructing us to complete our crown lifting service, you will improve the light transmissions to all areas adjacent and beneath the crown of your tree(s).

When carrying out this method, ideally we should limited ourselves to under 15% of the crown height in order to leave a minimum two-thirds of the total tree height. We also reference a fixed point, such as ‘a crown lift so as to achieve a 7.0m clearance above the ground level’.

Tree Crown Reduction Service

A crown reduction is used to reduce the crown’s height and spread. The idea behind crown reduction is to promote mechanical stress on individual tree limbs or even across the entire tree. Crown reduction can be used as a way to integrate a tree into a specific environment. Crown reduction is also used in order to reduce shading. Ultimately, the tree's main crown framework remains, as does much of the leaf bearing structure.

When carrying out crown reductions the process does not necessarily set out to acheive symetry but will result in a similar but obviously smaller tree. When completing a crown reductions tree cuts will be kept small, usually less than 100mm in diameter. Not all species are appropriate for crown reductions, we will advise you if so.

Lastly, never confuse crown reductions with 'topping' - this is a process that reputatable tree surgeons would never suggest.

For any and all pruning, crown reductions or crown lifting needs you may have in and around Surrey & Kent, please feel free to contact us on 0208 089 4080. Our friendly staff are happy to handle any initial questions you may have.

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