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Tree Thyme Tree Surgeons are specialists in all aspects of tree removal & felling across Surrey & Kent postcodes.

Tree Removal: Straight Tree Felling

To straight fell a tree means the whole tree is removed as a single unit. When straight felling we need to ensure that there is zero risk to the damage of any property or assets; these can include power and phone cables and substations, as well as dwellings or vehicles. Only once a risk assessment has been completed are we able to determine its suitability to the project. We ideally need around 5 clear metres of area in which the tree is to be straight felled.

Almost all tree removals require complete rigging in order to safely dismantle the tree. We utilise pulley and friction systems so as to acheive this with minimal risk. Our tree surgeons are highly skilled and experienced and so make this job look a lot easier that it is, it requires very high skill levels that includes physics and geometry, along with lots of practice!

We utilise heavy duty mesh guards so as to protect any nearby windows or any high value items.

Once we have felled your tree, we can either poison it using chemicals or you may prefer us to grind the stump out.

Tree Removal & Felling

Tree Removal: Section Tree Felling

If your tree is positioned awkwardly, we will probably suggest this is the safest option available. This is especially the case in high dense population areas as there is the potential to damage multiple properties if you decided to straight fell the tree. A scetion tree fell is simply where we cut the tree into sections in order to complete the removal. We achieve a section tree felling by using special rigging techniques and controlled cuts On occassion, typically depending on tree size, it may be safer or more efficient to use a crane.

When you need a professional and reliable tree removal service, call us our service extends all across Kent & Surrey. Our friendly team are happy to discuss any preliminary questions you may have, feel free to call us on 0208 089 4080.

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For any and all tree removal needs you may have across Kent or Surrey, please feel free to contact us on 0208 089 4080. Our friendly staff are happy to handle any initial questions you may have.


Have any Questions?
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