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As well as our full range of tree services, we also offer a stump removal and grinding service to all domestic customers and commercial customers across Surrey and Kent counties. 

Tree stump removal is a process whereby the base of the tree is removed with hand tools or we grind and remove tree stumps with our stump grinding machinery. Mechanical tree grinding utilises a motorised wheel with embedded teeth. These teeth grind away at the stump chipping it into mulch which removes the core of the tree.

All our tree surgeons are experts and will take the stress out of any complex tree stump or root removal. With years of experience in the tree industry, our extensive experience with stump grinding makes us the paramount choice when it comes to stump removal.

We have experience all type of tree stumps and have used various types of machinery to extract them. We have become proficient at tackling problematic stumps. We ensure we have the correct tools and equipment to safely and efficently carry out stump removal procedures.

Our team can often be seen working along with fellow tree surgeons, landscapers and property developers. Our machines are able to traverse steep banks, navigate through narrow access and work in sensitive environments. Some of our machinery even is small enough to fit through any residential home's hallway or front door.

Tree Stump Removal

We used the latest equipment which allow us grinding and removal of tree stumps with the minimum of ground disturbance. No matter what size of stump we are asked to remove, no matter about access - we, again, have the correct equipment.

Our machinery allows us to grind tree stumps and roots to beneath ground level, allowing you the opportuntity to replant at a later stage. Once the stump has been removed we will clear away any debris and add compost to the removal area. 

When you need a professional and reliable tree stump removal & grinding service, call us our service extends to all of Kent & Surrey. Our friendly team are happy to discuss any preliminary questions you may have, feel free to call us on 0208 089 4080.

Tree Grinding Service - How deep should you Grind?

Shallow Grind

Where the tree stump is ground to a depth that falls just below the soil surface area next to the stump.

Standard Grind

A process whereby we grind the stump to a depth of 4" to 6" below the soil area next to the stump.

Deep Grind

Typically a deep grind is done when considering planting a new tree or bush. The grind depth would depend on a consultation of the area's future usage.

Surface & Subsurface Root Removal & Pruning in Surrey & Kent

Along with stump grinding or removal we also offers root pruning and removal. If you find that your tree roots are causing you to trip or become hazardous, contact us to discuss the options available to you.

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Call Our Friendly Team on:

020 8089 4080

For any and all tree stump removal needs you may have in and around the area, please feel free to contact us on 0208 089 4080. Our friendly staff are happy to handle any initial questions you may have.

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Have any Questions?
Call Our Friendly Team on:

020 8089 4080

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