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At Tree Thyme, we offer a wide range of tree work and services, from crown thinning to tree stump removal. Our Croydon coverage spans across Coulsdon, Sanderstead, Purley, Selsdon and Hamsey Green. 

Tree Thyme are based in Croydon, Surrey and are arboricultural tree surgeons. For years we have been dedicated to providing our customers with professional and environmentally conscious tree care service across three counties, London, Kent & Surrey.  

For any tree surgery requirements in Coulsdon, please contact our friendly team on: 0208 089 4080 who would be only to happy to answer any initial questions you may have or to book a convenient time to us to inspect your treework.


Tree Pruning Services Coulsdon, CR5

Tree pruning is the process of removing small amounts your tree's crown in Coulsdon. We remove low hanging or rotten branches in order to help the tree live longer, to train young trees, for structural integrity, high wind stability or in order to improve light conditions 

It is important to complete pruning in the correct manner. Should you fail to do so, the tree's health will suffer and you could cause future safety concerns. It is imperative that only a professional complete any pruning on your Coulsdon tree.

Crown Lifting Trees in Coulsdon, Surrey

Crown lifting is a popular choice among our residential clients in Coulsdon. Crown lifting is the process of removing selected limbs and branches from the lower section of the tree's crown. The process in effect lifts the crown's overall start height giving you more access beneath the tree. Typically you would complete a crown lift in Coulsdon where you require easier access, for example, on a road where you need vehicles or pedestrians to be able to pass safely under. We also are instructed to complete crown lifting in order to allow more light to penetrate beneath the crown.

The advantages of instructing us to complete a crown lift for you would be: that it provides you with more usable space beneath the tree. The tree's aesthetics and overall health of the tree are greatly improved. Considerable amount of improved light around the tree and lower crown area.

To contact us regarding tree lifting in Coulsdon, please call our friendly staff on 0208 089 4080.

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Felling Trees & UK Law

It’s an offence to fell trees in Sanderstead, Surrey without a licence if an exemption does not apply.

Who is Responsible?

Everyone involved in the felling of a tree which includes any of the following: the owner, agent and timber merchant or contractor must ensure that a licence has been issued before any felling is carried out, unless they are certain that one of the exemptions apply.

What happens if you get it wrong?

If there’s no licence or other valid permission, or if the wrong trees are felled, anyone involved can be prosecuted. You’re advised to engage with neighbours to make them aware of your tree felling plans.

Crown Reduction Experts in Coulsdon

Crown reductions is a process that involves reducing the overall size of your tree's canopy. Crown reduction is most effective when pruning the tree's limbs evenly throughout the entire crown area. Special care is taken to remove any deadwood or crossing branches. This process reduces the disease and pathogens that infect a tree. 

We typically complete crown reductions in Coulsdon to two specifications: we remove a percentage of the tree, this is typically no more than 25%, or, we work towards a pre-agreed diameter radius reduction, for example, we reduce to a specified radius of 8 metres and/or a height of 20 metres. Typically to keep a tree both healthy and natural in appearance, we rarely reduce foliage to anything greater than 30%.

There are several clear benefits to having a crown reduction completed on your tree in Coulsdon, these include: the prevention of later damage to the tree, we are able to properly balance the tree's weight, we are able to reduce any vigorous growth, crown reduction ensures a healthy re-growth and possibly the biggest advantage is that you won't need to retrim again for at least 3 years.

Experienced Crown Thinning Tree Surgeons - Coulsdon

Crown thinning is a process whereby we remove any inner limbs or branches, paying special attention to the evenness throughout a tree's total crown. By completing crown thinning you are allowing more natural light to pass through the tree. This can be especially beneficial should you require more sunlight to hit the ground area beneath your tree. Tree thinning will alter your tree's natural shape as we will need to remove all deadwood and any crossing branches.  

The benefits of crown thinning your tree in Coulsdon would be that it allows more natural light to pass through the tree. Your tree will look lighter in appearance and the remaining parts of the tree will improve in health and strength by protecting the main branches. 

Routine trimming will keep your hedges neat and enable fresh new shoots to fill any unwanted gaps. To book a crown thinning appointment for the Coulsdon area or for a quick quotation, please call our friendly team on: 0208 089 4080.

Tree Stump Removal Coulsdon, Surrey

Stump removal is the process of removing both the base of the tree as well as the roots from beneath the ground. Stumps can be quite unattractive as well as attracting fungi and parasites to your garden. 

Stump removal often requires us to cut down the structure of the tree to several feet from the ground and then the process of the stump's removal can commence.

It is best advised that when felling a tree you immediately after remove the stump. There are a few techniques that we are able to use dependant on the circumstances – we will advise you on which is best. We will require a pre-agreed area around the tree to be completed clearly in order for us to be efficient on the day as our equipment can be large, depending on the size of the job. We remove stumps of all sizes using specialist stump grinding machines.

Coulsdon Professional Hedge Trimming & Cutting Service

We are able to assist with a range of hedge services that includes the cutting of all hedge species. No matter how tall your hedge or if it is an irregular shape we have the correct tools and experience to efficiently complete a very professional finish. Regular hedge maintenance will keep your hedges manageable, strong and healthy. We are able to assist with all hedge trimming, cutting and pruning. We also offer a hedge planting and hedge removal services.

Can I cut my neighbours hedge

Can I cut my neighbours hedge?

You can trim branches or roots that cross into your property, however, you can only trim up to the property boundary. If you do more than this, you risk your neighbour taking you to court for damaging their property, so be very careful.

Tree Pollarding by Experienced Coulsdon Tree Surgeons 

Tree pollarding is better known as a woodland management method, however, has become equally as popular in our everyday client requests in Coulsdon. Tree pollarding is the removal of all of the trees branches and also extends to a majority of the limbs as well. What is left is typically just the trunk and parts of the major limbs. Pollarding is usually undertaken on young trees and is often repeated until they become mature. 

Tree Limb Removal Services in Coulsdon

Limb removal is not such a common request as say crown reductions, however, it is sometimes necessary to remove branches located within the crown. This process is different to any other, such as lifting or thinning a tree, as we address certain branches only, being careful to remove as little live growth as possible. This ensures that your tree in Coulsdon continues on a healthy, stable growth path.  

Professional Tree Felling Service Coulsdon

Tree felling is a last resort, however, due to a number of reasons it may be necessary to completely remove a tree. The largest reason to fell a tree is sue to disease. Diseased trees can infect other neighbouring trees that surround it ending in catastrophe. There could also need a need to fell due to safety concerns of either the public or property – broadly speaking this could be due to an infected tree or due to a planning application for construction.  
When we fell a tree, we typically look to do so in sections. This requires us to climb the tree and dismantle it piece by piece. On occasion we get to have a little more fun by traditional means of a ground tree felling, however, this requires a considerable amount of circumference area in order to safely complete the felling.

For any and all Coulsdon tree felling requirements you may have in and around the area, please feel free to contact us on 0208 089 4080. Our friendly staff are happy to handle any initial questions you may have.


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