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At Tree Thyme, we offer a wide range of tree work and services, from crown thinning to tree felling. Our Sutton Tree Felling coverage spans across Purley, Chipstead, Morden, Cheam, Carshalton, Wallingtonm Coulsdon, Mitcham & Banstead.

Tree Thyme are based in Croydon, Surrey and are arboricultural tree surgeons that specialise in tree felling services. For years we have been dedicated to providing our customers with professional and environmentally conscious tree care service across three counties, London, Kent & Surrey.  

For any tree felling or tree surgery requirements in Sutton, please contact our friendly team on: 0208 089 4080 who would be only to happy to answer any initial questions you may have or to book a convenient time to us to inspect your treework.

What is Tree Felling?

Tree felling is the process of cutting down individual trees.

When it comes to tree removal in Sutton, using a chainsaw and lots of preparation is absolutely key.

We'll carefully study your tree to determine whether the tree can be felled by climbing the tree and dismantling it in sections or via the more traditional way.

Traditional Tree Removal in the Sutton area

When traditionally felling a tree in Sutton, careful consideration of the felling direction is necessary and, of course, thoroughly clearing the area in which the tree is to be felled.

We will need to prune the trunk of the tree to remove all the branches and twigs that might get in the way when we create the tree felling cut.

Whenever sawing a felling cut, it's important to remember the hinge should have a uniform thickness and the breaking bar should be inserted before the tree can pinch the guide bar.

If we notice the timber is discoloured and soft, or the lower part of the tree trunk looks swollen, we will need to be extremely careful, it can be sometimes safer to fell the tree initially with a extra large stump.

To contact us regarding tree felling in Sutton, please call our friendly staff on 0208 089 4080.

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Call Our Friendly Team on:

020 8089 4080

Felling Trees & UK Law

It’s an offence to fell trees in
Sutton, Surrey without a licence if an exemption does not apply.

Who is Responsible?

Everyone involved in the felling of a tree which includes any of the following: the owner, agent and timber merchant or contractor must ensure that a licence has been issued before any felling is carried out, unless they are certain that one of the exemptions apply.

What happens if you get it wrong?

If there’s no licence or other valid permission, or if the wrong trees are felled, anyone involved can be prosecuted. You’re advised to engage with neighbours to make them aware of your tree felling plans.

Hedge Trimming & Hedge Cutting Sutton

In addition to tree felling we also provide professional hedge trimming & cutting services across Sutton postcodes including areas such as Purley, Chipstead, Morden, Cheam, Carshalton, Wallington, Coulsdon, Mitcham & Banstead.

We employ highly experienced and qualified arborists, who plan and carry out work to a high standard in compliance with health and safety legislation. 

Need some help cutting your hedge in Sutton? Call our friendly team on: 0208 089 4080.

How & When to cut your Hedge in Sutton

When tackling hedge cutting in Sutton, ideally you should cut back shrubs grown primarily for their foliage, such as burning bush, almost anytime except in late autumn.

If you want to do major pruning, it's best to cut shrubs back in the winter. We recommend not cutting large hedges and trees between March and August as this is the main breeding season for nesting birds.

Hedges which have not been routinely maintained and cut are inclined to become top heavy and patchy with unsightly holes and a lack of foliage and growth, especially at the base of the hedge.

Routine trimming will keep your hedges neat and enable fresh new shoots to fill any unwanted gaps. To book a hedge trimming appointment for the Sutton area or for a quick quotation, please call our friendly team on: 0208 089 4080.

When is it best to cut your hedge?

Conifers make great hedges, but so do broad-leaved, flowering plants.

Escallonia hedges can be trimmed in May and again in late August.

Berberis hedges should be trimmed after it has flowered.

Holly should be cut once a year in late summer.

Hawthorn flowers in May, so trim after flowering sometime in June. Laurel hedges should be cut in late July or August.

Beech and hornbeam hedges can be pruned in August.

Privet hedges should be trimmed at least twice a year, from May - August.

Leyland cypress hedges are high maintenance and should ideally be trimmed up to three times a year during April, July and late again in August.

Lastly yew hedges should be trimmed once a year during August or September.

What is the best Hedge type to grow in a typical Sutton garden?

The Privet is an ideal hedge as it keeps its leaves all year long, grows at a fairly slow rate and forms a dense, compact bush, perfect for any Sutton property.

Once a privet hedge has been fully established they should be clipped 2 or 3 times a year during the growing season. This will keep the hedge shape neat and tidy and it will also maintain a good density of foliage throughout.

Below is a fantastic video on how to grow and maintain a Privet hedge, its full of useful tips that will help thicken out your hedge.

Can I cut my neighbours hedge hand

Can I cut my neighbours hedge in Sutton?

You can trim branches or roots that cross into your property, however, you can only trim up to the property boundary. If you do more than this, you risk your neighbour taking you to court for damaging their property, so be very careful.

For any and all Sutton hedge trimming needs you may have in and around the area, please feel free to contact us on 0208 089 4080. Our friendly staff are happy to handle any initial questions you may have.


Have any Questions?
Call Our Friendly Team on:

020 8089 4080

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